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Virtual Call Center

Need to call a large customer base?

A fully automated and interactive service that allows you to call a large base of existing or potential customers without involving additional employees. Our Virtual Call Center will get through to the subscriber and, according to a prepared script, will provide the necessary information and / or offer an interactive menu with different options to choose from.

Virtual Contact Center

With us you will not miss a single call!

A tool based on a virtual telephone system that automatically processes incoming calls, interactively using pre-prepared response scripts and makes a connection with a specific department or employee of the company. This significantly increases the speed and improves the quality of customer service.

Virtual lines

Free roaming! Always in touch!

For landline, mobile or soft phones. Our tariff plans include free calls within Ukraine and to 50+ countries of the world, as well as the most popular business functions, such as fault tolerance, three-way conference, call recording, voice mail to e-mail, caller ID, call hold, call transfer, function Follow me, fax to e-mail and much more.

Virtual PBX options from Intelco

Free and convenient features included in the service package

There are two types of call transfer, "unconditional" and "attended". In case of unconditional call transfer, the caller is connected to the subscriber to whom the transfer was made immediately. In the case of an "attended" transfer, the caller is put on hold, the parties agree on actions and then, according to the decision, the caller is redirected or returned to the original subscriber.
Our system has the most advanced call forwarding system to date. Incoming call manipulation is possible at the granular level. An incoming call can be routed to voicemail, DISA, or any other internal or external phone number under different conditions. Conditions for forwarding can be as follows: "forward all", "if there is no answer", "if busy", "if not online", "if a call came from a specific number", "if a call came to a specific number" and many others conditions convenient for the subscriber.
For your convenience, we have created a convenient and intuitive client portal. In your personal account, you can manage all the functions of your service, as well as view any information you are interested in regarding the service. Call history, call records, management of incoming and outgoing calls, contacting support and many other functions are available in this portal.
A very convenient option that allows you to register and use one SIP account on several devices at the same time. You will be able to make and receive calls simultaneously on all connected devices. The number of simultaneous calls depends on the purchased service package
The function allows you to put an incoming call on hold and then return to the caller back. In standby mode, the subscriber can play music or announce a message or announcement with background music at the same time.
A system of direct access to your service through the phone of a third-party provider. This function provides the ability to make calls through your service from any third-party phone. The most common use is for cheap international calls provided as part of your service package. General DISA phone +380931702837
Our system provides the ability to connect another participant to the current conversation. All participants in the conversation will hear and talk to each other until the initiator of the conference ends the conversation by pressing the end call key
The option provides the ability to redirect an incoming call to voicemail if you are unable to answer the call at the moment for any reason. If the message is recorded, then the indicator on your phone will inform you about the presence of an unread message, as well as our system will deliver the message in the form of a sound file to your email.
The function allows you to create your personal list with unwanted phone numbers, from which you would not like to answer calls. The control capability is as flexible as incoming call forwarding. There is a hard and soft blacklist mode.

Intelco system gets better every day

By becoming part of the Intelco club, you will always use only new products that appear on the North American market

SIP numbers

Fixed and mobile numbers of almost any country. Free calls to more than 50 countries around the world

CRM system

Analysis and statistics of business processes using IP-PBX tools and integration with your CRM system

Virtual PBX

TelcoPro, a fail-safe, carrier-scale platform with powerful functionality for any application


"Concierge Service" is always ready to listen and answer all your questions as soon as possible

Free and cheap calls

Call for free within Ukraine and in more than 50 countries of the world

Call for free within Ukraine and in more than 50 countries of the world

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Real reviews from our clients

Very useful and easy-to-use functionality. The Intelco Dialer service made me especially happy, as it helps to control the quality of the services provided to our customers. The advantage is that we ourselves can easily inform about promotions and news without involving third-party companies. The call quality is excellent, the functionality is rich and the support service is excellent.

Andrey Prokopenko

Andrey Prokopenko

Partner | VOXHunter

Those have been connected to Intelco for a long time. I want to say that our team just now realized what cool functionality and work stability are. I was especially pleased with such a service as T-ONE, now our employees can painlessly leave the workplace, and be sure that they will not fall out of the workflow. And for this they do not need to give out their personal mobile numbers.

Alexey Kachmar

Alexey Kachmar

Director | Logistics

We have been discussing with Intelco for several months now and are very satisfied with their PBX. All services work stably, efficiently, without failures. Previously, we worked with another company, but the level of services provided left much to be desired, there were constant technical problems. In the end, we decided to go, and did not regret it. Good luck with your work, guys! Thank you!

Sergey Sobolev

Sergey Sobolev

Manager | Travel