Interactive voice menu

Voice system that allows you to take a call and offer the caller a choice of options to connect to the required department

Call queue

Automated system for the distribution of incoming calls in turn order to the first free agent

Business clock

Distribution of incoming calls depending on working and non-working hours or holidays and weekends

Back call

All types of callbacks, such as "Call from the site", "Call in one click", as well as "Normal callback"

Call tracking

Static call tracking will help you analyze the effectiveness of traffic sources to your website

Interactive auto-dialing

An interactive auto-informing system will call thousands of subscribers in a matter of minutes


The predictive dialer automatically calls the phones loaded into the base and connects with the agent, saving the employee's time

Integration with CRM

AMO CRM, Bitrix 24 CRM, Perfectum CRM, Planfix CRM, One Box CRM, Sugar CRM, Suite CRM, Zoho CRM, Follow Up Boss CRM, Job Diva CRM

Call recording

The ability to record incoming and outgoing calls for further analytics to control the quality of the work of employees